Organic Doctor Rose Otto Night Cream

From Manufacturer's Label: Organic Doctor Rose Otto Night Cream - Healthy-Aging Overnight Rescue Helps with firmness and tone Hydrates, smoothes and nourishes Lowers transdermal dehydration Protects against cell damaging free radicalsPure organic Rose Otto Oil is anuplifting, aromatic, antioxidant richessential oil, acclaimed through theages for its use in natural skin andhair care. We combine this precious oil with acomplex proprietary blend of bioactiveand natural ingredients, includingMenyanthes Trifoliata (an aquatic plant) .The result is a rich, aromatic overnighthealthy-aging cream that penetrates thesubcutaneous layers of the epidermis, leavingthe skin hydrated and nourished. Free from: SLS Parabens Artificial colors Phthalates Harsh preservativesOrganic* and Natural Bioactive ingredients: Rose Otto Oil* Rosehip Oil* Rose Flower Water* Aloe Vera Juice* Hydrofiltrat Menyanthes G Shea Butter* Japanese Fruit Wax Marine Extract Vitamin C Jojoba Oil* Passion Flower Oil* Limeflower Extract* Chamomile Extract* Calendula Extract* Geranium Oil* Clove Oil*Manufactured by: Dr Organic Ltd, Swansea UK

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Organic Doctor Rose Otto Night Cream Review

The Organic Doctor Rose Otto Night Cream was a gift for teenage son. He always wanted additional. It is his favorite color. He loves it. It shipped as expected and works well.

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