Slime Tube Sealant - For Tires with Tubes - 8 oz - 10003

Prevent,repair flats Seals punctures up to 18 Works repeatedly Lasts for 2 yearsHow does Slime workSlime can be installed as a pretreatment before a puncture occurs. Slime can also be used to repair a flat tire or a slow leak. Simply remove the valve core from your tire,inject Slime,reinflate it and rotate it. ITS THAT EASYOnce installed into the tire,Slime remains liquid,evenly coating the inside. When a puncture occurs,the escaping air forces Slime into the hole where it creates a longlasting,flexible plug. Its nonflammable,nontoxic and water soluble.The Slime chemists have developed a state of the art system of environmentally friendly fibers,binders,polymers and proprietary congealing agents that intertwine and clot to seal punctures up to 18.This FibroSeal lattice,together with the viscous transportation system,seeks out and tightly packs itself into an puncture area,preventing and repairing flats with a flexible long lasting plug.A note from the Manufacturer: Our general recommendation for all moto tires is 8 ounces of Slime per tiretube.,As you will notice we do post a speed warning on our packaging stating that we do not recommend using our product as a PREVENTATIVE in high speed tires...this is defined as vehicles that travel in excess of 65mph. One of the main reasons for this warning has to do with balance. Some tires are affected by the installation of a product like SLiME,which can throw off balance however,motorcycle tires are manufactured to VERY high tolerances and are way more true to round than,say,car or SUV tires. We have yet to hear from a street bike owner whos installed SLiME and experienced any vibration. If a customer is interested in using the product,but has any concerns about balance,they can always install less product in the front tire 6 ounces and more in the rear 10 ounces.

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Slime Tube Sealant - For Tires with Tubes - 8 oz - 10003 Review

My best tubes EVER! I love everything from Slime!

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