Valor ED-17 VFX Training Straps

Valor ED-17 VFX Training StrapsThe Valor Fitness VFX Straps are the ultimate body weight training tool. The straps harness your body weight, allowing you to perform a variety of resistance exercises. You'll get the complete strap kit plus a convenient mesh storage bag. Install the Valor Fitness VFX Straps in seconds right into your doorway - no hardware required. Get a total-body workout at home or on the road with the Valor Fitness VFX Straps.FEATURES: Resistance training system utilizes your own body weight Perfect for a variety of total-body exercises Installs in your doorway within seconds - no hardware required Effective for use at home or on the road Adjustable strap system for various heights and levels of resistance color: Red and Black with Valor Fitness VFX detail Includes anchor hook/strap for use on power rack or other rack systems. Mesh storage bag included for convenience.Suspension training utilizes the exercisers weight plus the force of gravity. A certain level of strength and joint stability is required to keep the body moving with perfect technical form and perfect form in general is a rarity.If a person is really heavy and not necessarily very strong, they will need to position their body at an angle closer to vertical which completely changes the amount of muscle fibers recuited and direction of loading for the muscles. For example, if you cannot do a body weight inverted row with your torso at almost horizontal (quite advanced) , you will need to position your torso at an angle closer to 45 degrees to ensure you are not jerking yourself aggressively to the top of the pull with each rep. This is OK, but it completely changes the level and type of muscle recuitment. If you begin the inverted body weight pull with your torso at 45 degrees, the direction of the pull ends up with the torso very close to vertical which then de-loads the pulling muscles almost 100%. So instead of getting a horizontal pull from start to finish, engaging the pulling muscles throughout the movement, you get a sub-contraction of the pulling muscles at the start, and then an almost de-load at the end. My awesome illustrations (perfectly proportioned, especially his arms!) below demonstrate an advanced exerciser performing the pull/inverted row exercise, followed by a beginner, a heavier or a less strong exerciser, or a person less able to stabilize their joints and keep good form whilst performing the movement.VFX Strap Kit Includes: Strap System with handles/ foot loops (adjustable) Door anchor / strap Bar strap Mesh storage bagPerfect for home or travel use! Adjustments: (from top hook) 47handle/52strap - 71handle/76strap length 5 wide handle 1.5w strap throughout 3x5 door anchor / 13 L strap 34.5 L bar strap / hook

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Valor ED-17 VFX Training Straps Review

The Valor ED-17 VFX Training Straps is the by far the most amazing heavy bags i have seen so far. as it should make excelent product and this is one of them.

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